With Electrolytes NaCl, K, KCI, Mg, MgSO4

Rehydrates:  Cattle, Calves, Sheep, Goats, Lambs, Kids, Swine, Equine, Foals


  • Supports animal’s natural desire to drink.
  • Re-hydrates and supports animal’s muscle function and fluid balance during hot weather,
    exposure to extreme heat, or during times of stress.

Use ProLyte:
• When animals are exposed to heat during strenuous training, work, or exercise.
• To keep animal’s drinking before, during, and after hauling.
• During training, working, showing, or competition.

When using ProLyte Powder or ElectroMax paste, animals must have immediate access to water.
• Use the ElectroMax paste when animals refuse to drink.
Use ProLyte Powder or ElectroMax paste when horses or mules are tying up.

Mix 1 to 2 Tbs with water, milk, or milk replacer in a bucket, bottle, or in an oral feeder. 
Give orally.  Allow free choice of water.  Repeat as needed. 

*This product is not available for sale or shipment to California residents.